Share Price from Fund Marks  

Data points are larger when multiple SEC filings reference the same share price on the same date.

SEC Filings

Fund nameShare PriceShare ClassFiling Date
SharesPost 100 Fund$23.4611/14/2019
Hercules Capital, Inc.$21.4210/30/2019
Hercules Capital, Inc.$19.4510/30/2019
SharesPost 100 Fund$24.029/5/2019
Hercules Capital, Inc.$22.268/1/2019
Hercules Capital, Inc.$21.428/1/2019
SharesPost 100 Fund$23.985/24/2019
Hercules Capital, Inc.$21.425/2/2019
SharesPost 100 Fund$24.203/11/2019
SharesPost 100 Fund$22.3811/23/2018
SharesPost 100 Fund$23.719/6/2018
SharesPost 100 Fund$23.595/23/2018
SharesPost 100 Fund$24.373/9/2018
SharesPost 100 Fund$24.4311/21/2017
SharesPost 100 Fund$25.229/1/2017